Thursday, June 16, 2016


    Fans (and there are countless)  of Cara Black’s mega selling Aimee Leduc novels will relish the opportunity to learn how Aimee first became a detective.     After 15 mysteries in which she is the heroine it is the perfect time to step back and discover how Aimee became an outstanding private investigator in Paris.  Murder On The Quai answers that question in spades!

    It was November of 1942 when a truck loaded with Nazi gold disappears in a French country village.  It is guarded by five soldiers, four of whom are killed by French farmers in order to take the treasure for themselves.  Evidently the fifth soldier escapes.  How does this affect Aimee some 60 years later?

    An elderly man is killed while on his way home from dinner with friends in Paris and his body is left under the Pont des Invalides.  His daughter, Elise Peltier, appeals to detective Jean-Claude Leduc, begging him to find her father’s killer.  However, Jean-Claude has something else on his mind - his fugitive wife American wife, Sidonie, is in trouble and he is about to leave for Berlin to try to help her.  So, in his absence daughter Aimee decides to investigate.  She is totally unaware of the ramifications of that decision - dangerous ramifications.  However, she is in her first year of college at an outstanding medical school and fears she may fail, her boyfriend, Florent, is soon to announce his engagement to another woman - what does she have to lose?

    All she has to go on is a woman’s name and phone number found on a matchbook from Le Gogo in the dead man’s pocket.  As she pursues this slim lead she meets her future partner in the detective agency, adopts a stray puppy whom she names Miles Davis, and another elderly man is murdered.

    Murder On The Quai is a terrific stand alone mystery and would be an ideal way for first time Leduc readers to be introduced To Aimee and Jean-Claude.

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