Monday, July 25, 2016

GUILTY MINDS by Joseph Finder Audio Edition

    If you’ve heard/read any of Joseph Finder’s previous Nick Heller novels you know that Heller is a fellow who can more than handle whatever comes his way.  Well, even the best of us can come up against a rock and a hard place as Heller finds that what he thought would be an easy task explodes into a complicated scheme and murder.

    Heller has been hired to clear the name of Chief Justice Jeremiah Claflin who is soon to be torn apart in the gossip website Slander Sheet.  Seems there is about to be a tell-all saying Claflin was given three nights with a hooker by a casino boss - his way of thanking Claflin for a favorable ruling in a recent case.  Heller has but 48 hours to discredit the story of the woman in question, Kayla Pitts aka Heidi L’Amour.  Seems easy enough - Claflin was having electroshock treatment at the time he was supposedly carrying on with the call girl.

    However, easy becomes very difficult when Pitts is found dead, an apparent suicide, and Heller discovers the secret owner of Slander Sheet which turns the case upside down and leads Heller in a totally different direction.

    Along the way he has the company of the attractive Mandy Seeger, the former top Washington Post reporter who has come to rue the day she began writing for Slander Sheet.  There’s so much more to this tightly plotted tale than just an attempt to discredit a Chief Justice, as we hear in the voice of Holter Graham who is a multiple Audie Award nominee and winner of Best of the Year Awards from AudioFile magazine.


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