Saturday, August 13, 2016


As has been recently noted Daniel Silva’s latest book in his over the top Gabriel Allon Series has headed every bestseller list this summer.  What more could one need to realize that his writing speaks to millions, it surely does to me!  If I recall correctly he once said in an interview that if his wife reminds him that he’s forgotten to do a few things he says that he spends more time in the world of Gabriel Allon than he does in his own.  They’re joined at the hip and Allon is very, very real to Silva as are the other characters he creates.  And, all are very, very real to listeners/readers.

    I make no apologies for the fact that I’m a fan and I loved this audio book - what a treat!  Three books,  32 hours of listening on 3 discs.  Each is read by an expert performer and all are suspenseful, surprising, and totally absorbing.

    The first is PRINCE OF FIRE which takes art restorer and spy Allon back to Venice.  However, no time to admire his surroundings as there’s a huge explosion in Rome which makes him aware that everything known about him is now in the hands of terrorists.  He’s quickly called home to Israel where he soon finds himself tracking a master terrorist.

    THE MESSENGER follows on the heels of Gabriel’s showdown with the master terrorist in the previous story.  He’d really like a little r&r to recover from what he’d just been through, but no such luck.  In London an Al-Qaeda suspect is killed and photographs are found on Gabriel’s computer.  From these photos Israeli intelligence is led to believe that Al-Qaeda is planning one of the most frightening attacks yet - the Vatican!  Is it possible to stop this?

    With THE SECRET SERVANT Gabriel is tasked with what appears to be a simple request - visit to Amsterdam to clean the files of a murdered Dutch terrorism analyst who was also of import to Israeli intelligence.  A piece of cake!  Not at all because once in Amsterdam Gabriel finds a conspiracy growing in the city’s Islamic underground, a horrendous plot that will threaten London.


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