Monday, August 8, 2016

SMOOTH OPERATOR by Stuart Woods and Parnell Hall Audio Edition

    Stellar teaming makes for rare excitement in Smooth Operator.  First outstanding team was that of Stuart Woods and Parnell Hall.  While most are familiar with the work Woods does his co-author Hall is best known in the mystery community and as President of the Private Eye Writers of America.  Together they’ve crafted a topnotch thriller.

    Second outstanding team is that of fictional Stone Barrington and Teddy Fay, a former CIA agent who is quite adept at disguises and overlooking laws when it comes to achieving his goals. Those two as is found in Smooth Operator are up to any challenge.

    We first find Stone cruising on his yacht on the Hudson River - he deserves it after all he’s been through!  However his peace and quiet are interrupted when he receives an urgent request to attend a state dinner in Washington, D.C.  Somewhere during the first course he’s called away to meet with President Kate Lee, a Democrat, and Congressman Charles Blaine, a Republican and Speaker of the House.

    Blaine’s daughter has been kidnapped and will be killed unless Blaine changes his vote on an important bill and convinces his allies in the House to go along with him.  Stone  immediately recognizes that this an extremely sensitive problem and calls in Teddy Fay for some assistance.  Now, there are countless folks who would like to see Fay dead but he’s willing to go out in the open to help Stone.  Not a good choice?  Before he knows it Fay is awash in phony leads, bodies, and those who would seek vengeance on him and his family.

    Non-stop action and surprises aplenty.

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