Saturday, September 10, 2016


    Since this title was billed as “the hilarious follow-up to A Night with Audrey Hepburn” and I was unfamiliar with that title I had no idea in the world what was coming.  What came is a perfect “girlie” book - a frothy cocktail of fantasy and fun.  It’s a perfect beach read - take it to the shore, suspend belief, and  know that skipping a page or three may make you lose a few laughs but you can easily catch up with the plot.

    Libby Lomax is a struggling young actress who isn’t really sure that she wants to be an actress.  She has a tendency to live in the shadow of her younger sister, Cass.  Readers can catch up with what’s going on in the lives of the central characters with a series of “What’s up” messages on the first few pages.  Libby’s good friend, Ollie, who is about to open a restaurant escorts her to her father’s wedding.  She’s still recovering from a disastrous affair with handsome Dillon O’Hara whom she believed to be Mr. Right only to find out he couldn’t even be a true steady boyfriend.  Nonetheless she believes she may have found the perfect man in Adam who is polite, extremely thoughtful and appears to care deeply about her well-being.

    And then there is her old Chesterfield sofa that was once visited by Audrey Hepburn and is now suddenly holding the “perfect bottom” of Marilyn Monroe.  Libby’s not at all sure that Marilyn is the right person to be giving her romantic advice, but since she hasn’t done too well on her own, why not?

    Along the way Libby finds herself in a few unbelievable but laugh provoking situations, and also perhaps learning what is really important in life.


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