Saturday, September 24, 2016

KENYA'S ART by Linda Trice; Illustrated by Hazel Mitchell

    Spring vacation from school is usually a fun time for youngsters and so it was with Kenya.  However, this year Kenya’s teacher Mrs. Garcia had given her class an assignment - to report on what they did during spring vacation. 

    However, Kenya is growing a bit concerned as she runs into classmates and they tell her what they have done - The twins had taught their puppy to sit, Noah took music lessons and so it went.  But when Kenya was asked what she had done her reply was a quiet “Nothing.” 

    When she told her Dad what the problem was he suggested they go to the museum and she can tell the class what she learned.  Kenya never dreamed it would be so exciting until she saw the recycling exhibit with the slogan “Recycle!  Reuse!  Make Art!”

    Young readers may well be surprised by what Kenya does with toys she doesn’t play with any more.  And, Mrs. Garcia was delighted.

    More than a fun story to read Kenya’s Art may well encourage young folks to explore their creativity and see what they can do with objects that some might throw away.

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