Saturday, October 8, 2016

TOUCH THINK LEARN by Xavier Deneux

    Were it possible I’d be delighted to give a copy of this book to every youngster between the ages of 2 and 4.  Calling it a board book is almost a misnomer although granted that is its format.  However if it be called a board book it is king of them all as it offers youngsters the opportunity to see an image, follow its shape with their fingers, and say its name.  Together these various modes of perception create an exciting way to understand, it is a form of learning in a new dimension.

    For instance, on the first page we find a green alligator stretched from page 1 to 2.  In his mouth there is a two inch tall letter A, and on his back the A form set deep into the page.  A cheery red bird is also found in two places - set deep into the page, perched atop the alligator’s head and identified by a 2 inch tall red B.  Consider all of the opportunities for young ones to experience on just these two pages.  And so it goes through the alphabet.  It’s impossible to choose a favorite although Swan is high on my list with a beautiful white set in bird facing a 6 inch tall letter S.  Youngsters may opt for Train as it races across a bridge.

    As it says on the back of the book “To touch is to experience.  To experience is to learn.”  Xavier Deneux has given youngsters a rare gift - one that will be enjoyed, cherished and turned to again and again.

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