Friday, November 11, 2016

NIGHT SCHOOL by Lee Child Audio Edition

With his 21st Jack Reacher novel estimable author Lee Child takes us back to 1996 and an all-important albeit death defying secret mission.  As always Dick Hill delivers a spot-on narration, perfectly paced and a listening pleasure.

Night School takes us back back a few years to 1996 when terrorism did not seem the real threat that it does today.  Immediately following kudos for a successful mission in the Balkans Reacher is given another challenge.  This time it’s a secret mission in Hamburg, Germany.  Seems a sleeper cell in that country has become aware of an American traitor willing to do business with Islamic terrorists for a mere $100 million.

Our president’s National Security Adviser has given Reacher a team - two first-rate agents from the CIA and the FBI.  Their orders are to find the traitorous American.  As the action moves from Hamburg to Jalalabad to Kiev little does Reacher know about who is double crossing whom or how close he keeps coming to the man he’s after.

Compelling and suspenseful Child doesn’t miss a telling detail in Night School.


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