Monday, December 26, 2016

THE GIRL FROM SUMMER HILL by Jude Devereaux Audio Edition

Whew! A bit steamy?  Over the top?  Yes, and you’ll love it.  This play-off on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is the introduction to romance writer Jude Devereaux’s latest trilogy set in the mountains of Virginia

    Acacia “Casey” Reddick is relieved to say goodbye to her exhausting job as chef of a luxe Washington, D.C. restaurant and retreat to peaceful Summer Hill, Virginia and Tattwell Plantation where she’s been hired to cook for the cast and crew of a theater production of Austen’s novel.  She’s hardly settled in when she finds a naked man in the shower of the guest house she’s renting.  Not any man, of course, it’s great looking actor Tate Landers whom women adore.  Casey has seen none of his films and assumes he’s a trespasser.  Tate on the other hand assumes Casey is a star struck fan who has followed him there.  This does not bode for a friendly relationship!  Casey does not in any way see what all the girls in town are falling head over heels for.

    Then when they’re both cast in the stage production of Pride and Prejudice it allows them to continue their feuding as Lizzie and Darcy.  Now, since this is a Jude Devereaux most of us know what’s coming next, but what a romp it is getting there!  Casey knows she is attracted to Tate yet isn’t used to trusting her emotions.  And, what Tate is used to is getting what he wants.

    Emily Rankin delivers a winning reading of the tale which allows her to verbally skip between Regency England and the 21st century.    Enjoy!


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