Sunday, December 4, 2016

THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING by Fannie Flagg Audio Edition

    All one needs to do is pick up a newspaper to realize how very much all of us could use a good laugh.  Well, as always, Fannie
Flagg has a barrel of those for us.   She’s funny (make that laugh-out-loud funny), charming and wise.  As for her imagination it continues to be
non-stop. The Whole Town’s Talking left me talking to all my friends, singing the praises of the latest from the irrepressible and irreplaceable Fannie

    So, make yourself comfortable, suspend belief and prepare to meet the residents (living and dead) of Elmwood Springs, Missouri.
Somewhere around 1869 Lordor Nordstrom settled this small town and he also ordered from Chicago, Katrina, a Swedish mail-order bride.  Now,
Lordor not only wanted a pretty and prosperous town but he was a fellow who thought of everything - from beginning to end, so to speak.  So, he
also created a final resting place for himself, his family, his descendants and the townfolk.  It was called “Still Meadows.”  Not at all an apt name for
what was going on beneath the ground there.

    Of course, folks would die and after being interred they awakened to find that they are among old friends, neighbors, former husbands
 and wives, teachers, perhaps their favorite gas station attendant.   Why, Tot Whooten discovers that she is buried between her ex-husband and his second wife.
Ruby suffered a surprising demise - she died when her faulty toilet exploded beneath her.  Needless to say there’s a great deal going on under “Still
Meadows.”  And, as if that were not enough every once in a while someone will really disappear - where did he or she go?

    As rather strange things happen the still living townspeople are determined to find out just what is going on.

    While The Whole Town’s Talking is certainly comic, it is also insightful and heartening as it reminds one of what a wonderful gift life is.


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