Friday, January 13, 2017

SLEEPING DOGS by Thomas Mogford

    For this reader international crime fiction is some of the best reading around.  This is especially true when the author not only vividly paints settings, in this case Corfu, but also imagines how the various regions have affected the personalities and demeanors of the characters.  The result is fascinating reading and Thomas Mogford does this in spades with the fourth installment of his Spike Sanguinetti series.

    When the story opens Spike is at a low ebb - his law practice is in financial trouble, he continues to be deeply affected by the loss of a woman he loved, and he appears to be responsible for the welfare of an orphan boy.  If anyone needs a vacation he does, and that comes in the form of an invitation from his law partner, Peter Galliano, to come to Corfu.  Peter is recovering there from an injury, and Spike’s father is included in the invitation plus Detective Sergeant Jessica Navarro will be there.  Who could resist?  Spike may well wish he did.

    Shortly after arriving Spike and others are invited to take part in festivities celebrating a remarkable archeological discovery by Peter’s wealthy neighbor, Sir Leo Hoffman.  The groups visit to the excavations take a dark turn when a dead body is found there.  A local man is quickly, too quickly, arrested for the murder and Spike takes on his defense assisted by the beauteous Jessica.

    What they find would be enough to daunt the strongest - their lives are imperiled as they discover secrets, age-old rivalries and a mass of political corruption.  Not good news for Spike and Jessica but intriguing reading for us.


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