Tuesday, April 25, 2017

FAST & LOOSE by Stuart Woods Audio Edition

    I always look forward to a story by bestselling author Stuart Woods because I know the action will be fast paced, the plot intriquing and the conclusion satisfying.  Such is certainly the case with Woods's hero Stone Barrington's latest adventure.

    A New York attorney Stone has had many narrow escapes but was ill-prepared for a collision with another larger boat.  He had been anticipating a relaxing cruise aboard his yacht around Maine's Penobscot Bay until the accident.  The only good to come of it was Stone becoming friends with the owners of the other boat - a family of doctors named Carlsson of the famed Carlsson Clinic which had locations in several cities and was known throughout the world.  Their meeting was auspicious for both as Stone wound up helping the Carlsson's put an end to a takeover of their clinic.  This seriously irritated Erik Macher, the fellow who had orchestrated the takeover attempt.

    In fact the evil Macher was so riled that he and his henchmen tried to blow up Stone's manhattan townhouse by planting plastic explosives.  Thanks to a bomb-sniffing dog this didn't happen but led to a showdown between Macher and Stone at a Virginia farmhouse.  Things are never dull when Stone is around,,,,,

    Gifted actor Tony Roberts who has narrated a number of Stone Barrington audiobooks delivers one more stellar performance.


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