Sunday, May 21, 2017

EXIT STRATEGY by Steve Hamilton Audio Edition


     While  Nick Mason is the hero of this tense, compelling tale he is not a hero in the text book sense.  For those who may have missed the lauded series debut Mason is a man who has served five years of a 25 year to life sentence for a killing he did not commit.  Embittered and eager to get out to see his 9-Year-old daughter again he agrees to do whatever Darius Cole asks - even murder.

    Exit Strategy opens with Mason being given an almost impossible task.  He is told to infiltrate the top secret federal witness protection program, find the three men who put Cole behind bars and kill them so they cannot testify against Cole in a federal court trial that has Cole appealing his conviction.  Now, if the only punishment for Mason failing to do this were Mason's life that would be one thing.  But the stakes are even higher - the lives of Mason's ex-wife and daughter.

     Mason is pushed to the limit having to deal with not only Cole's henchmen but also a frightening Irish assassin.  To muddy the waters even further Mason is not only the hunter but the hunted - the man he replaced has escaped the witness protection program and intends to kill Mason.

     While listeners are gasping for breath they learn that Cole's Chicago enterprise is merely a branch of an international crime syndicate headed by a mastermind who is wanted by governments around the world.  This major domo has plans for Mason.

     Narrator Ray Porter has taken home many an Earphones Award and listeners will immediately know why as he hooks them with an opening sentence and doesn't let go until the conclusion.


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