Wednesday, May 21, 2008


There are some things we never seem to outgrow. For me (among the many) are staying up late, birthday parties, and playing in the water. What's more fun than diving into a wave, splashing (which often results in me being dunked), or simply floating on a hot summer's day?

Evidently I came to this fondness for water frolic at an early age as I well remember Mom cautioning me not to play in the tub. If she could only see me now - fully grown and playing in the shower with my Big Calm Jelly!

For openers, the scent is delicious. It smells like a pina colada, redolent of pineapple and coconut. And, it looks like the ocean - that is if the ocean were captured in Jello. Turquoise with strands of white remind me of waves or the frothy wake of a ship at sea. Speaking of froth Big Calm Jelly, just a little bit of it froths, foams, and makes beautiful bubbles, mountains of them. (Think Everest, K-2, Kanchenjunga!)Other bath/shower gels hang their foams in shame.

Since it's summer Big Calm will be happier if kept in your freezer. I keep most of it there and just a little in a small bowl in the bathroom. After all, while I do love to play in water I don't like to drip it all over the carpet if I must run downstairs to take Big out of the freezer.

Soap bars aren't as dandy, So keep Big Calm handy!

- Gail Cooke

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