Tuesday, December 21, 2010


    From Long Beach to Utica, A favorite is Qtica!  Yes, I’d  heard the great buzz about Qtica products, so couldn’t wait to try. 

    In the midst of all this harsh weather  lips  seem to feel the brunt of the cold and wind making them dry and chapped despite  usual precautions.  QTICA INTENSE LIP REPAIR BALM is just that - intense.  Rich with honey and beeswax this is a rich cream that makes lips feel better almost immediately In the past I’d been applying lip balms several times a day to little avail.  Happy to say one application in the morning not only continues the healing process but protects throughout the day.

    Worn alone it gives lips a shiny gloss or adds shine if worn over matte lipstick.

    Well, you know the old saying - success breeds success so next I tried QTICA FOOT REPAIR BALM - a lovely treatment for unhappy underpinnings!  Honey, beeswax and a multivitamin complex enrich this feel good ointment.  Just a nickel-sized amount does the trick, spreading easily to soothe and smooth those  tired tootsies.  Love to use this at bedtime and let Qtica work its magic while I snooze.

    To date  these two items from Qtica have soothed and smoothed me - one might say from top to toe, and they’re both very price accessible.  They can be found at http://qtica.com/.

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