Friday, November 25, 2011

Quench & Correct from Kate Somerville

    What a super idea - especially with the onset of cold weather and the drying season.  When it’s blustery outside and overheated inside it can sometimes seem impossible to keep lips moisturized and pretty.  Kate Somerville takes care of that for us with this dual ended magic wand Quench and Correct Plumping Gloss and Restorative Lip Treatment.

    One side, Correct does just that by encouraging collagen renewal and chasing off dryness thus diminishing the appearance of lip lines.  The other side, Quench is a luscious gloss that plumps instantly by restoring moisture and increasing circulation.  Begin with Correct and then use Quench.

    Going from an icy sidewalk  to an stuffy room tends to really dry my skin, so  I like to have one Q & C wand at home and another in my purse for use throughout the day simply because lips not only look good but they feel great!

    Find your Quench & Correct at

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