Friday, November 25, 2011

Rene Furturer Vegetal Mousse and Vegetal Finishing Spray

    So very pleased to have found this mousse that really works for me.  And, that’s a first!  My hair is short and very fine, thus tending to fly-away at the slightest provocation.  I’ve tried countless gels, fluids, and mousses all promising to add body and hold style.  No such luck - I’ll spare you my sad stories of gummy hair and no-result potions.  Now, at last, I’ve found a mousse that not only keeps promises but is healthy for my hair!

    It only takes a quarter size puff of mousse to do the trick.  I spread the mousse in my hands, run hands through towel-dried hair then blow dry.  That’s all it takes for a fuller, stay-put style.

    Rene Furturer has spent the better part of a lifetime developing his hair care brand, which uses only pure essential oils and active plant extracts.  So hair not only looks good but feels good, too.

    For me, an added bonus of this mousse is that I can comb through and the style remains.  It comes in a 6.8 oz. size which holds a multitude of those important puffs.

    Since I’m in Texas (you know, the place where the wind never stops blowing) I do keep Furterer’s Vegetal Finishing Spray on hand - it, too, is superior, with a lasting hold that leaves hair shiny and is easy to brush out.

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