Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blink Of An Eye by William S. Cohen

    Many writers may imagine exciting political thrillers, but it takes an insider, one who really knows of what he speaks to write extraordinary ones.  Such is the case with William S. Cohen, former Secretary of Defense.  His stories ring with authenticity, which make them all the motr exciting and frightening.  The events in Cohen’s stories (Dragon Fire), while horrifying, are all too plausible as he presents them.  In addition, readers learn a great deal about politics - some of which they may wish they didn’t know.

    With Blink Of an Eye there is a nuclear attack on Savannah, Georgia.  Thousands have been killed and more will die due to radiation poisoning.  Panic erupts in other cities and the question on everyone’s lips is why didn’t our intelligence warn us of this, and who did it?  Many would like to place the blame at the feet of terrorists backed by Iran.  It is up to National Security Adviser Sean  Falcone to answer these questions.

    From then on Cohen gives us a few lessons in politics - there will soon be a presidential election.  One incumbent is thought not to be tough enough re terrorism, and another’s running mate, Rep. Nolan,  may be linked to a fundamentalist sect.  Muddying the water even further is perhaps a relationship between Nolan and Gen. George William Parker who is after the President for not immediately attacking Iran.

    Goose bumps and much to ponder in Blink Of An Eye.


    - Gail Cooke

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