Wednesday, January 18, 2012


    Find an easy chair, put your feet up and get ready for a rollicking ride.  The indefatigable Tim Dorsey is back with his unsorry, gleeful serial killer, Serge Storms.  Serge has reasons for his deadly hobby, such as his love for Florida.  As he puts it, “I live for Florida.  And she’s been disintegrating for decades.  I’ve tried sounding the alarm.”

    Alarms he does sound in his own illegal, warped way.  You’d think with the 15th Serge thriller Dorsey and our hero might have slowed down - no way!  The plot is as ditzy as ever and the humor over the op.  However, when you think about it, some of it rings true - is Dorsey poking fun at human foibles from time to time?

    Whatever the case Serge breaks new ground in his war on evil - he disguises himself as a super hero, and goes at it by inventing unique (a mild word) for disposing of folks.  Who else would consider a turkey baster a lethal weapon? Along the way he signs on to spy for the president of Costa Gorda, a banana republic, and goes up against several rogue CIA groups.  As if that weren’t enough Victor, a vile mafioso, is busily gunrunning (think grenade launchers), Gulf oil spills are moisturizing Florida’s beaches, and there’s political finagling as usual.

    Biscayne Bay may never be the same - nor will most readers.  Enjoy!

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