Friday, March 9, 2012


    The first novel in the new Friday Harbor Trilogy is a complex, honest, eventually heartwarming story narrated by multi-gifted Tanya Eby.  A Michigander Eby has performed numerous audio editions and written and produced four plays.  She brings heartbreak and joy to the cast of characters in this tale of love and loss as experiences of trust and loyalty are explored.

    Lucy Marinn lives in beautiful Friday Harbor, Washington, with her boyfriend, Kevin.  She’s a successful glass artist, so talented artistically but truthfully a bit of a failure in past romances.  Nonetheless, she firmly believes she’s on safe ground at last with Kevin.  Sorry to say this isn’t the case - Kevin asks her to move out so his new love can move in - her sister, Alice.

    What a double whammy!  Lucy is understandably bitter and sure she’ll not ever be involved with another man.  If you know the stories of Lisa Kleypas, you also know that’s not the case. 

    Sam Nolan, a handsome, generous, big-hearted wine maker also has issues in the romance department.  He grew up the child of alcoholic parents which convinced him marriage wasn’t for him nor was fatherhood.  He’s perfectly content living with his brother and young orphaned niece.  After Lucy is involved in an accident he brings her to his house to recover - all very platonic.  Not quite.

    However, here are two people who have been badly wounded in affairs of the heart.  Could there possibly be a future for them or are the memories of hurts, recriminations, and pain too much for them to overcome?

    - Gail Cooke

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