Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Many of us have one or a handful of items that we absolutely must have at home, at the office or on vacation.  Perhaps it’s a favorite moisturizer or lipstick.  I, too, have one of these lists and heading it is Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle.

Living in Texas where summer temps hover around 105 I once found myself shampooing every night and sometimes again before going out in the evening.  I even turned down some tempting invitations with “Sorry, I have to wash my hair.”  While my hair is not excessively oily normal perspiration in these temps left it limp and me heading for the shower.  I’m homebound no more thanks to this dry shampoo.

Seems the Nettle a flower found in Portugal contains compounds that inhibit the activity of the enzyme involved in the production of natural oil.  Scientific explanations are a bit beyond me, but what I do know is that this shampoo banishes any traces of oil in a flash.  Simply spray on, leave in for two minutes, brush through and presto - fresh clean hair with added volume.

For me now it’s yes to those last minute invites - thank you Klorane!

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