Thursday, August 15, 2013


As a former child actor Julia Whelan brings a ton of experience to her TV roles and audio narrations.  She’s an Earphones Award winner and rightly so.  I found her work particularly impressive in Tell Me by Lisa Jackson because for this listener/reader Jackson’s prose tends at times to ramble yet Whelan’s sparked delivery brought the story right along.

 Jackson fans will welcome her third romantic/suspense novel set in Savannah, Georgia.  The story opens with a shocker - one of the most despised women imaginable is about to taste freedom.  Some 2 decades ago Blondell O’Henry was tried and convicted of cold bloodedly killing her older daughter and wounding her two other children.  It was the prosecution’s claim that she wanted to be rid of them to be with her lover.  Her children had testified against her but recently her son, Niall, recanted his testimony which sabotaged the whole case.

For professional and personal reasons reporter Nikki Gillette wants to know the truth.  It seems that Amity, Blondell’s daughter had once been Nikki’s friend.  Further, on the night Amity died she had asked Nikki to meet her - Nikki ignored Amity’s request and the secret she had to tell.  It seems that most of Savannah had been involved in this once headline crime - Nikki’s uncle was instrumental in saving Blondell from the death penalty.  Gossips claim he was one of her many lovers.

Detective Pierce Reed, Nikki’s fiancé, has been instructed to review the evidence.  He worries not only for Nikki’s  safety but that she may be muddying the case because of her persistent digging into it.  Then suddenly there is more murder.  Could a killer still be at large?

- Gail Cooke

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