Saturday, August 3, 2013


Get comfortable but don't turn out the lights when you settle down to hear the third installment of the adventures of Alaskan State Trooper Liam Campbell. Of course, the setting is chilling and so is the story as the almost tranquil life of Campbell in remote Newenham is jarred by a rising body count.

Initially Campbell is simply worried about air-taxi pilot Wyanet Chouinard's adopted teenage son, Tim. Seems an unwelcome visitor has arrived - Tim's abusive birth mother who has a court order to see her son. Campbell twists the law a bit by arranging to have Tim taken to a fish camp. So far so good until Wyanet discovers the dead body of postal carrier Opal Nunapitchuk. Unfortunately, one dead body isn't enough as the recently deceased (due to a gun shot) prospector Mark Hanover is found along Wyanet's mail route. Then, you guessed it, a third victim is found on yes, Wyanet's mail route.

A pattern emerges as the next stop on what has become a deadly mail route is the camp where Tim is staying.

Voice performer Marguerite Gavin delivers an aces performance as she relates the frightening story. She's a deft performer who moves easily from character to character, capturing each tone and accent so they are easily identifiable. Gavin is also the recipient of numerous awards for her narrated pieces and rightly so. Enjoy!

- Gail Cooke

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