Tuesday, August 27, 2013


While this is a story about the Jewish holiday it is at heart a story of sharing, perhaps reminding all youngsters how they can share with one another no matter their race, color or creed.

Young Sam has been busy at Hebrew school.  In November they had a treasure hunt in the park.  Once there the youngsters found all kinds of interesting, pretty things - pebbles, pinecones and Sam found “a small shiny sliver of rock that danced with silver specks.”  The children returned to school where they were told they were going to make menorahs and decorate them with the treasures they had found in the park.  These were to be surprises for their parents.

Sam was a bit worried about this because he knew his family already had quite a few menorahs.  But he made one and wrapped it as a gift as his teacher instructed.  Well, one evening Sam’s parents brought out all their menorahs, and there were some very special ones - for instance, one came from Russia with his great-great-grandmother, another was the menorah his parents bought for their first Hanukkah together.  Sam just knew they didn’t need his.

So, what does a thoughtful fellow like Sam do?

The Eighth Menorah reminds young ones that there is always a place for kindness and love.

- Gail Cooke

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