Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Never thought I’d rhapsodize about potato chips but I’m about to - Oliviers & Co. ( offers the most incredible artisanal chips!  They are the tastiest and the crispiest, kettle cooked in Oliviers specialty oils to add a subtle, very delectable flavor.   For instance, their White Truffle Potato Chips are cooked in Oliviers white truffle aroma specialty olive oil.  Irresistible!

Four chips are offered: Garlic, Basil, Lemon and White Truffle.  Of course, not just any potato would do for these chips so only potatoes chosen for their exquisite taste from Castilla La Mancha Spain are used.

The chips are packaged in 1.41 oz. bags - perfect size to enjoy with your before dinner or to set out for guests.  That is exactly what we did the other evening along with olives and my homemade cheese straws, which our friends always said were the best they’d ever tasted.  Do I need to tell you what was devoured first?  They raved about the chips and I have some leftover cheese straws.

Initially I was a tad concerned about ordering potato chips online - never again when ordering from Oliviers.  The chips arrived in a box, very carefully protected so there was absolutely no harm to the bags.

Remember the old slogan about “bet you can’t eat just one”?  That certainly applies to these potato chips from Oliviers & Co.  Unique and absolutely delicious!


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