Thursday, September 26, 2013


What a perfect pair!  And this dynamite duo will bring perfection to your complexion.  First, Love Me Deux is a minor miracle - nourishing Moisture Tint for your face fills the tube while the cap holds a perfectly (there’s that “perfect” word again!) matched Concealer.  No more guessing, hoping that your concealer is a match for your makeup!

Stay up until all hours if that makes you happy because the Concealer easily erases any traces of dark circles and shadows.  Further, it’s sooo good for your skin as it’s rich in beeswax, Vitamin E, pure minerals and botanicals.  So, it not only banishes any signs of nighttime revelry but  nourishes and restores your complexion.  Glides on smoothly to hide any indiscretions.  Just what you need and want!

The Moisture Tint is equally understanding - blended with such face savers as aloe vera, sunflower and jojoba oils, plus honeysuckle extracts.  It will not only prettify your skin but it provides TLC and protection.  Also included in the Tint’s formulation are minerals plus Vitamins A and C to firm and strengthen your skin discouraging lines or (Heaven forbid!) wrinkles.   It is a weightless formulation that masks any imperfections.

Available in seven flattering shades there is a Moisture Tint for you!

And now for the finishing touch - Votre Vu Belle Poudre.  A light dusting of this remarkable powder rich in pure minerals sets coverage and prevents shine.  It’s fragrance and talc free only holding healthful ingredients found in other products from Votre Vu’s fabulous French Accents line.  Plus, never one to overlook the smallest detail Votre Vu presents the powder in a no spill jar with a sifter allowing us to dispense just the amount we need.

So, now you’re picture perfect - ready for a night on the town or your close-up.  All thanks to Votre Vu!

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