Thursday, September 26, 2013

THE RATHBONES by Janice Clark Audio Edition

A dazzling, mythic tour de force The Rathbones is read by a cast of four estimable actors resulting in audiobook entertainment of the highest order.

Erin Spencer is a multi talented performer - actress, voice performer, dancer.  She has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe.  Noted for her TV performances she also toured with Broadway show Chicago.  She brings both strength and a fey awareness to her voice performance on The Rathbones.

Cassandra Campbell is an actress, director and teacher who has performed in New York at the Public Theatre, the Mint Theatre and the Clurman.  AudioFile Magazine has several times named her Best Voice in Non-Fiction and Culture and Best Voice in Fiction.  She has been praised for the honesty and clarity of her narrations.

Delivering more than competent support and ably assisting in bringing this stellar debut novel to vibrant life are Malcolm Campbell and Gabrielle DeCuir.

Now a writer and designer living in Chicago author Janice Clark grew up in Mystic, Connecticut so she knows her territory well.   Fortunately for us she also has a vivid imagination as she limns the story of a whaling family with gusto and nods to Herman Melville and Edgar Allan Poe.

Fifteen-year-old Mercy Rathbone is the last in what appears to have been a fated dynasty.  Her father, a whaler, has been lost at sea for seven years, yet Mercy holds out hope for his return.  A lonely young one Mercy whiles away hours in the attic of her uncle, Mordecai.   A surprising sight and an unexpected visitor prompt Mercy and Mordecai to run away.  So, as they sail from island to island along the Connecticut coast they are also discovering secrets long hidden in the Rathbone family.

Alternately along with Mercy’s travels readers will find flashbacks to earlier Rathbone family days.   Beginning in 1761 we are introduced to Moses Rathbone who had a unique gift - he could spot a whale before any physical sign of it was visible.

Janice Clark has given us an amazing debut and the cast has delivered award-winning performances -  don’t miss it.

- Gail Cooke

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