Monday, October 21, 2013


This is a rich, creamy lotion that softens skin.  Somehow, it also seems to act as a calming, relaxing influence as you smooth it over your body.  Perhaps it is the subtle floral scent that contributes to this feeling of well being.  Whatever the case, it has restored moisture to my skin whether it has been dried by too much sun ( in hot weather I keep my tub in the fridge so its super cooling, too) or chilled by frosty blasts.  While it is very effective it absorbs quickly and leaves absolutely no greasiness or film on your skin.  That’s a huge plus when used after a morning shower!  It is simply one of my top go-to favorites.

A little bit of it goes a long way, so the 8.4 oz. tub lasts months despite almost daily use.  Lush calls it their “number one best selling product,” and I can certainly see why.  Among the primary and powerfully soothing ingredients are Oat Milk, Lavender Oil and Rose Water.  Speaking of ingredients hope the world knows by now that all the ingredients used by Lush are fresher than fresh.  Do not know of another company that prints a “use by” label on its package!  Just another example of the integrity of this company.  Further, I’ve never seen a Lush product that didn’t allow more than ample time for its best use.  My Dream Cream “use by” date is October 8, 2014!

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