Friday, October 11, 2013


Who doesn’t love Dexter whether between the pages or on the hit TV series inspired by the novels?  We’re not quite sure exactly who he is or what he’ll do next, but that’s a great part of his charm.   Called Lindsay’s “most masterful creation” the 7th in this runaway popular series Dexter’s Final Cut is read by who else but Lindsay himself.  Who better understands the doughnut loving blood spatter analyst than the fellow who created him?  It’s a stunning narration, and terrific listening.

Things really heat up in already hot Miami with the arrival of TV’s top star Robert Chase.  Known for immersing himself in his roles Chase is there to film a new police procedural.  And who immediately catches his eye, his co-star?  No none other than publicity shy Dexter Morgan.  “Catches his eye” may not be the proper description - Chase all but becomes obsessed with Dexter as he follows him around, scrutinizes his every move, tries to thoroughly understand him.

However, as we know Dexter’s pet projects cannot bear scrutiny lest Dexter be in more than deep trouble.  Speaking of which a woman is in more than that - her body is found in a dumpster.  Hollywood types are agog at the thought of a real crime, and police investigate.  Dexter has some interesting thoughts about the killer.

In addition to those musings he finds himself attracted to Jackie Forrest, the beautiful woman cast in the film as a tough detective.  He’s also drawn to the life these actors lead while listeners wonder who or what he really is.

Another suspenseful, surprising tale from the estimable Jeff Lindsay.  Enjoy!

- Gail Cooke

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