Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Is your crowning glory not as glorious as you’d like?  Does it need a little repair, restoration, rejuvenation?  Klorane steps up with three products inspired by the desert date palm which is found in the Sahel-savannah region in Africa.  This is a strong tree that thrives in an unfriendly environment just as our hair often must due to hot styling tools, chemical treatments, teasing, etc.   Desert Date extract is the lead ingredient in Desert Date Shampoo, Mask with Desert Date, and Leave-In Cream with Desert Date, all formulated to restore hair to its natural resiliency and brilliance.

Desert Date Shampoo contains a wealth of components that are ideal for in-depth repair, nourishing and restructuring.  It is recommended that hair be shampooed twice a week and rinsed thoroughly.

For optimum results follow the shampoo with the Mask and Leave-In Cream.  This Mask is intended to target brittleness and dullness due to extensive hair damage.  After shampooing leave on for five minutes then comb and rinse.  For an even more intensive treatment leave on for 20 minutes under a hot towel.

Containing no silicone or parabens Klorane Laboratories considers Leave-In Cream the ultimate in repair for dry, brittle and damaged hair.   It is suggested that two or three dime-sized drops of the Cream be applied to dry or damp lengths and ends daily.

Today not even our tresses can escape stresses - Klorane recommends this triple-action trio to maintain hair’s health and beauty.

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