Friday, November 8, 2013

THEO'S MOOD by Maryann Cocoa-Leffler

All children have moods, feelings, varying degrees of emotions.  They can be proud, happy, sad, mad, jealous or a myriad of other responses.  At times perhaps they feel a mixture of emotions, such as proud and happy, sad and afraid.  They may not totally understand why they have these feelings, but Theo’s Mood may well help them to know that they are not alone in having these feelings as well as some of the reasons they may have them.

At Theo’s school they have a day called Mood Monday during which each of the youngsters is express how he or she feels that day.  His teacher, Miss Cady, first asks Theo how he feels.  Well, he’s not at all sure and responds with ‘I don’t know.”  Next she asks him if anything happened during the weekend.  He said his mother had a baby girl.  Miss Cady thinks that’s “Good Mood News,” but Theo isn’t at all sure.

As the story progresses each youngster reveals how he or she feels.  One is happy because he got a new bike, another is jealous because her sister won another trophy.  Young readers will probably easily identify with all of the feelings expressed and in turn realize that their feelings are entirely normal.

Maryann Cocca-Leffler illustrates her story with bold full-page whimsical illustrations.  There’s much to be learned by youngsters reading or listening to this story read to them.

- Gail Cooke

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