Friday, January 24, 2014


My introduction to the Tatcha line was a very happy one - a friend gifted me with Polished, a classic rice enzyme powder. I’d tried many facial scrubs over the years without any great success.....until Polished. This powder deeply cleans ever so gently. So, with that excellent result in mind I was eager to try Tatcha’s Indigo Collection. Delighted that I did!
The Soothing Silk Hand Cream is that and more. Just a very small amount (the size of a small pea) easily covers hands. Once it was massaged into my skin my hands retained a feeling of softness and hydration for hours to come. (One tube for home and another for my desk!) The beneficial Indigo imparts a sky-blue tone to the cream which disappeared immediately upon application.
Where to begin describing the luxurious effectiveness of the Soothing Silk Body Butter? It blends the anti-inflammatory power of natural Japanese Indigo extract with the hydrating, nourishing power of liquid Silk. The salutary effects of this body butter are immediately apparent, softening and smoothing skin while leaving it with a luxurious healthy feeling that lasts.
A fascinating story accompanies this collection: while traveling in Japan the founder of Tatcha came upon a 200-year-old book detailing the ageless beauty rituals of the geisha. It was there that she discovered the calming and soothing powers of Indigo. In fact, during the Edo Period Japan’s Samurai wore a piece of Indigo dyed cotton under their armor to aid in the healing of injured skin. Evidently this secret has been passed from generation to generation until today when organic Indigo is harvested.
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