Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WALK THIS WORLD by Lotta Nieminen

At a certain age youngsters begin to be curious about other parts of the world.  Of course, there’s quite a bit for them to learn and Walk This World is an excellent early introduction to neighboring countries.

The book’s premise is that someone wants to go everywhere, to all four corners of the globe but has only a day in which to do it.  Young readers are invited to explore different cultures by simply turning the pages.  Each country is represented by two 8" by 12" pages which lie perfectly flat for extensive exploration.  With more than 80 flaps to open readers can peek through windows and open doors as they become acquainted with another culture.

The adventurous walk begins with the author’s hometown, New York City and visits a myriad of places.  Next stop is Paris.  Pages are introduced by four line poems which are also clues to the place’s identity.

Cleverly conceived and sturdily constructed the book will withstand countless openings of flaps.  After an introduction by an adult youngsters will undoubtedly want to repeat the journey many times on their own.

- Gail Cooke

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