Thursday, March 27, 2014


Who said you can’t have it all?  Certainly not Votre Vu because Golden Love is a  cocktail of nourishing oils for face, body and hair.   Plus it contains that can’t do without Vitamin E for protection.

After the beastly winter we’ve been experiencing all of us need a healthy dose of TLC and this is it!  The first spray tells you that Golden Love softens and smooths skin with absolutely no greasiness.  It makes dry, dull hair silkier, glossier and yes, makes gorgeous hair even more so.

A favorite use is immediately after shower or bath to retain moisture - spritz yourself in this efficacious mist and then towel dry.  If it’s bedtime also treat your nails.  Whether we can believe it or not summer is on the way so spray on your legs before slipping into those strappy sandals.  And, it’s a must before and after sunbathing.

Thanks to Votre Vu for Amour D’Ore and its fabulous formula containing 11 essential oils to pamper and prettify from head to toe.

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