Thursday, March 20, 2014


First of all, I love the 9m dispenser - it’s a sleek, shiny ebony wand that presents a drop of this unique fragrance to wrist, throat or wherever.  So easy to keep in purse, desk or pocket.

Next, of course, the scent is an irresistible blend of citrus, rose and jasmine oils.  It reminds me of a sophisticated musk, bringing to mind romance and the mystery of far-away places.  Yet it is also fresh, contemporary with a spicy fragrance of fresh apple and cinnamon.

Much of the beauty of this fragrance is that it is hard to define, mysterious yet exciting.   It’s not any easier to categorize or succinctly define than its name “Love”, but has predominant notes of lemon, lem
Found online only at ongrass, bergamot, apple, cinnamon, cassia, jasmine, rose and ylang ylang.  Put most simply it’s irresistible.  Wear it and you’ll see.

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