Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Orlane certainly well knows its way around a brush as the bristles on this brush are so placed that each lash receives makeup and volumnization.  And there the color stays - no need to refresh during the day or add-to for evening.

I was so pleased with this mascara that I had to compare it to others in my makeup cabinet.  A very pricey one appeared to have no brush bristles at all, actually almost a flat surface.  Wondered why I’d spent several lunch monies on that one - must have been the name!  Another’s brush bristles were almost “bushy” so that mascara was brought to lashes in small globs.  Plus the brush itself was a little over one-half inch in length so that one smooth application wouldn’t have been possible - just had to keep putting it on.

Kudos and gratitude to Orlane for this perfect brush!

Also, can’t help but wonder what bit of magic is in Orlane’s formula because this mascara actually nourishes lashes, leaving them soft, natural not at all stiff - just longer and thicker.

Try applying the mascara in a back and forth zigzag motion - a clump wouldn’t dare!  
Do believe you’ll be amazed at the difference Volume Care Mascara can make.  Find it at

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