Thursday, July 10, 2014


Fans of Sarah Booth Delaney, the delightful heroine of Haines’ Southern mystery series, will rally round her as she certainly has her hands full and her heart if not broken is badly chipped.  Readers new to the series will take Sarh Booth under their wings and eagerly await the next book.

With the 14th in this popular series (after last year’s Smarty Bones) we find Sarah Booth trying to help her fiancĂ©`, actor Graf Milieu, recover from a debilitating leg injury, and discover who murdered a man whose daughter believes he found the key to a lost treasure.
Sarah Booth has arranged what she hopes will be a romantic week on Dauphin Island off the Gulf Coast where Graf can heal and they can finalize their wedding plans.  This is not to be.

Shortly after their arrival Sarah Booth is approached by tour guide Angela Trotter who is convinced that the wrong man has been convicted of her father’s murder.  Angela’s father was a sailor and treasure hunter who was murdered just as he thought he was very close to finding a pirate’s treasure that supposedly has been hidden on the island.

Sarah Booth cannot turn down Angela’s pleas for help, and at the same time Graf is becoming more irascible and depressed.  What happened to the romantic week she had planned?

- Gail Cooke

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