Wednesday, July 23, 2014

EYES ON YOU by Kate White

With a setting as up to date as now, snappy dialogue and sustained suspense Eye On You keeps you turning pages until the final sentence.  A former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine Kate White well knows her way around today’s media world and she limns it well - living breathing characters, cutthroat competition, and stressful deadlines.

Heroine Robin Trainer has pulled herself up by her boot straps after serious career problems and a divorce.  Now she’s on the upside of both career and life again.  She’s co-anchor of a popular new TV show, The Pulse, a round table format nightly entertainment show.  Luckily her co-anchor is handsome Carter Brooks.  They’ve developed a chemistry between them that appeals to viewers so the ratings are going up every day.  As if that weren’t enough Robin wrote a book, The 7 Secrets Women Keep, which seems headed for the bestseller lists.

Life for her is good until the night of a party being given in her honor.  When she reaches into her purse for her note card to help her say thank you she is shocked to find a threat written across the card in thick black pencil.  She recovers her composure and gets through her gratitude speech only slightly unsettled.  But that threat is followed by other incidents, such has covers of her book slashed, a Barbie doll made to look like Robin but disfigured, and more.  Robin begins to fear she is coming unraveled.

The threats have to have been made by one of her co-workers, but who would want to hurt her and why?

With its contemporary state-of-the-art setting readers easily feel the story is happening right now and they are a part of it.  White describes the glitzy New York media world and  office politics to a T.  Eyes On You is stellar suspense building to a shocking conclusion.

- Gail Cooke

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