Wednesday, July 23, 2014

FOR ALL TIME by Jude Deveraux Audio Edition

After the release of the first Nantucket Brides novel, True Love, a veritable legion of happy readers/listeners were left wanting more, and here ‘tis.  With her second in the series Jude Deveraux kindly continues exactly where the first ended so fans don’t feel they’ve missed anything going on between the intriguing characters on the beautiful island of Nantucket.

For All Time opens with bridesmaid Toby Wyndam happily seeing to details in preparation for her friend Lexie’s absolutely wonderful wedding.  Also on the scene is the groom’s cousin, Prince Graydon Montgomery, who is heir to the throne of the fictional Lanconia.  Much as she’d like to Toby has no time to fixate on Graydon at the moment, however, she is the one person who can tell Graydon from Rory, his identical twin.  And, according to family legend that is the one way to recognize your true love.

All is surprising and well at this point, but Graydon has an arranged political marriage waiting for him at home.  Nonetheless, with the niggling feeling that he may have found his soul mate Graydon decides to linger on Nantucket and get to know Toby better.  Knowing that Graydon is promised to another Toby tries to remain neutral but that is no longer possible when both of them realize that their souls may not only be linked now but also in generations past.  (Nothing like a bit of the paranormal to make things spicier!)

Frosting on the cake is the outstanding reading by gifted voice performer Kirsten Potter.  She has numerous film and television credits as well as experience voicing roles for animation and video games.  However, her talent really comes to the fore with her highly listenable narration of For All Time.


- Gail Cooke

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