Thursday, December 25, 2014

CHARMED by Nora Roberts Audio Edition

With a BFA from the University of Illinois Cristina Panfilio makes her home in Chicago, and as an actress works with a host of theaters such as The Goodman Theatre, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Utah Shakespeare, Notre Dame Shakespeare, Riverside Theatre, and Renaissance Theaterworks.   Thus, she brings a wealth of experience to her compelling narration of Charmed.

Book 3 in the popular Donovan Legacy series Charmed focuses on Anastasia Donovan who has a very special gift, albeit a burdensome and perhaps a dangerous one.  She is an empath, a healer, which also has a perilous side.  Thus she has devoted care and time to protecting herself and her secret power.

She has succeeded in living a solitary life until Boone Sawyer, a widower, moves next door to her.  The attraction between Boone and Anastasia is strong and she cannot deny it.  But just as she seems to be verging on letting herself love and be loved a horrifying accident occurs and aa child’s very future is in the balance.

As some someone has written romance stories will never die as long as Nora Roberts continues to write, so enjoy!

- Gail Cooke

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