Friday, December 26, 2014


This is my first book by Urban Waite, and it surely will not be the last.  He is a writer of rare talent, building suspense so that you cannot resist turning the page yet you want to linger and enjoy his crackling prose.  Day to day life was on hold after the first two pages, and I read it in a single sitting.  Waite holds readers captive with his language, emotional perceptiveness, honesty and thoughtful pacing.  Is Sometimes The Wolf a spellbinder?  Yes, indeed!

At heart the story focuses on the bond between father and son.  When Patrick Drake was sheriff in a small mountain town in the Pacific Northwest he tried to be straight arrow while also maintaining some sort of financial stability for his wife who was terminally ill.  We all know what can happen to the best intentions and when Patrick became involved with some dishonest guys he wound up being convicted of one of the most noteworthy crimes in his part of the country.

Patrick served twelve years in prison and then was released to be watched over by his son, Bobby.  Well, Bobby has a great deal on his plate without sharing his home with his ex-convict dad.  In their small community Bobby has borne the weight of his father’s guilt and has had to put aside his hopes and dreams.  He’s bitter, unhappy, and feels his marriage is on shaky ground.

As much as Bobby might like to put the past behind them it becomes impossible when their very lives are threatened by people from Patrick’s former life.  The current sheriff tells Bobby one thing; Patrick tells him something else.  He doesn’t know where to turn or who to trust - if anyone.

Sometimes The Wolf is a riveting read by a powerful writer.  Enjoy!

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