Friday, February 12, 2016

THE WOLVES by Alex Berenson Audio Edition

The Wolves (John Wells Series #10)
Edgar Award winner Berenson continues to enthrall with the 10th in his series featuring former CIA man John Wells, an indomitable hero with a penchant for near fatal experiences. The Wolves brings to close threats begun in former books, but not to worry if you’re a first time Berenson reader/listener he’ll hook you from the first page.

Multibillionaire Aaron Duberman once tried to trick the U.S, into war with Iran in order to help Israel. Not a good plan as Wells stopped it, but now with the approval of the president Wells is asked to kill Duberman. No dummy and certainly not wishing to be a dead one Duberman is well protected as he hides out in his mansion at the top of Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak. Going undercover Wells probes for weeks yet is unsuccessful in finding a chink in Duberman’s security.

However, Duberman is beginning to feel antsy in his Hong Kong hideaway. He’s being kicked out of Israel so hopes to find a safety net in Russia. Well, Duberman made his share of enemies while he was piling up his $30 billion fortune, and both the Russians and the Chinese find his predicament to their liking.

Another reason for Wells to stay undercover is arms dealer Mikhail Buvchenko who hates Wells and wants to kill him. Mix in Chinese General Cheung Han whose aim is to make the Chinese air force the strongest in the world. He’s a merciless pedophile who will stop at nothing.

While Wells has never feared taking risks, how many can a man take? As read by George Guidall The Wolves is one of the most exciting international thrillers to be found today.

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