Thursday, April 21, 2016

FAMILY JEWELS by Stuart Woods Audio Edition

    With more than sixty novels to his credit one can easily understand why an author might occasionally seem to be reprising past situations or ideas.  That was the case for this listener and Family Jewels.  However, none of that detracted from thoroughly enjoying another adventure with handsome, clever super hero Stone Barrington.

    Stone has come a long way from being an ordinary New York policeman and now he travels in high cotton.  He’s called upon by the very wealthy Carrie Jarman Fiske for protection from her ex-husband Harvey Biggers who she believes is trying to kill her.  However, as he goes about this task he comes across a corpse in a bedroom next door to Carrie’s East Hampton home.  Not just any corpse mind you, but that of prostitute Darla Henry who’d been on Harvey’s arm at a recent New Year’s Eve party.

    Well, one corpse follows another and Carrie is soon strangled.  Is Harvey the guilty party?  Not so he claims and does happen to have a solid alibi.  Then we have Carrie’s ownership of a fabulous well known  jeweled choker - is it real or a perfect copy?  How did Carrie come to have it in her possession?  As if all of this weren’t enough President Kate Lee asks Stone to look over the backgrounds of three candidates for the Supreme Court - one of whom is Stone’s ex-inamorata Tiffany Baldwin.

    Somewhat implausible?  All of this a little bit much?  Not for this listener who hung on every word uttered by Tony Roberts - an estimable actor who has narrated a number of other Stone Barrington books.


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