Thursday, April 28, 2016

ISN'T IT RICH? by Sherryl Woods Audio Edition

    With over 100 books to her credit Sherryl Woods has captured a readership of millions.  She is a Southerner and has ofttimes used the South as a setting along with Virginia, Florida and South Carolina.  She creates endearing characters to whom we can relate and stars at delivering satisfying happy endings.  Such is the case with Isn’t It Rich?

    Wealthy Richard Carlton has had his heartbroken once and he’s not about to let it happen again.  He’s steeled himself against any woman no matter how attractive she may be or how much she piques his interest.  But then, he has no way of escaping Aunt Destiny.  She had come into his life a mere 24 hours after his parents’ plane had crashed.  She was exotic, eccentric and more fun than anyone he had ever known - exactly what three frightened young boys needed at the time.  Now, some year’s later Richard has the family business just where he wants it and is even considering running for public office in Alexandria.  But first Aunt Destiny insists that he meet PR executive Melanie Hart - yes, she’s klutzy as she meets him by barreling through a door right into his midsection, but she is also brilliant and beautiful.

    She pitches her firm to him and he steadfastly refuses to be interested.  However, he has a feeling Aunt Destiny won’t be satisfied with that so in short time Richard convinces Melanie to pretend that they’re engaged in order to teach his matchmaking aunt a lesson.  Question: is this relationship really just pretend?

    Teri Schnaubelt delivers an accomplished reading that will have listeners smiling and sorry when Isn’t It Rich is over..

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