Monday, May 23, 2016


    What a deal!  You’ve often heard the pitch “ 2 for 1" - well, this is two in one, yes, 2 popular Harlan Coben novels in one compact edition - 21 hours of the best of Harlan Coben performed by the noteworthy Scott Brick. 

    First off is Six Years - heartbreaking and shocking it is the story of one man’s passion.  College professor Jake Fisher has spent six years trying to forget Natalie,  the only woman he has ever loved who married another man.  He had promised to leave her alone and he has done so although wracked by thoughts of her with another man.  Even in this length of time he has not been able to quell his longing for her.  So, when he reads her hsuband’s obituary he cannot resist going to his funeral hoping for a glimpse of Natalie.

    He arrives at the service and searches the crowd for the grieving widow - what a shock!  It is not Natalie but a woman who had been married to the deceased for almost twenty years.  How could this be?  But once he accepts that fact Jake realizes that everything he had believed about Natalie might not be true. 

    As he begins to search for Natalie all he finds are dead ends - once mutual friends don’t remember him, no one has seen Natalie in years.  The woman who broke his heart, deceived and lied to him, now puts his life at risk.

    Once again Harln Coben delivers a shocking tale that explores the strength of a past love and the secrets that such an obsessive love may hide.

    With Stay Close we meet Megan, a suburban soccer mom who has a rather shady past.  She has two children, a perfect house yet is not satisfied.  We also find Ray who was once a gifted up and coming documentary photographer but now is a paparazzi earning dollars by selling celebrity photos to rich kids.  And we meet Broome, a detective who is unable to put a cold case aside - seventeen years ago a husband and father disappeared.    Broome observes the anniversaries of that disappearance by visiting the house where the man lived.. It appears frozen in time as the family waits as if the man will soon come home to dinner.

    So it is that three people are living lives they never sought and are keeping secrets from those closest to them.  It seems the past is really never gone or is it?

    Another can’t stop listening to tale from Coben!

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