Thursday, May 26, 2016


The host of fans that Gary Corby has garnered with his Athenian mysteries have probably been counting the days until the next one.  His unique blend of humor and ancient history are a proven delight.  So, for those who have been waiting for the sixth in this popular series, here ‘tis.

    Once again Nicolaos, the only private investigator in ancient Athens and an exceptional one at that, tells his story.  He is surprised to receive a visit from the up and coming historian, Herodotus who is planning a research trip to Egypt where there is an uprising against the Persian Empire.    Nico is to be described as a bodyguard but his actual task is to help the Egyptians rebelling against Persian rule. 

    Pericles who is Nico’s mentor and a politician warns that Herodotus may be a Persian spy.  Nonetheless, he advises Nico to take the job.  So, Nico accompanied by his priestess wife, Diotima, Herodotus and his company set out.  Their course take them into the midst of the conflict where they are attacked by pirates and must be rescued by the Athenian fleet and Herodotus is almost done in by a Spartan assassin.  Still, there is further trouble ahead.

    Upon arrival Nico finds Maxyates, an intelligent barbarian who says Troy is his homeland, and the untrustworthy Barzanes, a devilish enemy well remembered by Nico who is now serving the King of Persia.  Add a murdered general, secret agents at the ready to kill him and Nico has more than he bargained for.  Plus, Corby reminds us there’s not a good cup of wine to be found anywhere.

    Sprightly, humorous, rich with historical detail The Singer From Memphis is another winner from Gary Corby.

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