Thursday, May 5, 2016

THE BODY IN THE WARDROBE by Katherine Hall Page

    The 23rd Faith Fairchild mystery again filled with mouthwatering recipes and unique characters will be welcomed by Faith’s fans - and there are zillions of them.  We can’t be without news of astute detective, minister’s wife and caterer Faith and her family and friends for too long.  Joining her is attorney Sophie Maxwell whom we met in The Body In The Birches, and a cast of some delightful, some diabolical Southerners.

    Sophie has come to historic Savannah after marrying Southerner Will who is a private investigator.  They move into a home that Will’s stepmother is renovating until they can find a place of their own.  She goes to work for Will’s father’s law firm and tries to overlook the whispers about her - the Yankee who has wed Will.  Sophie has fallen in love with Savannah and the wonderful Southern food, but it is a bit of a shock when she realizes the differences between her ways and those observed in the deep South.

    Will is often away in Atlanta working on a case.  So Sophie is left to house hunt with a beautiful overbearing real estate agent who seems to know more about Will than she does.  To make matters worse it seems said agent had planned on marrying Will.  Strange things begin to happen to Sophie - a body falls out of the wardrobe in her bedroom and then disappears, she’s pushed into a store room that has no interior latch.  Patty Sue, Will’s cousin, pulls some really dirty tricks on Sophie.  In fact, Patty Sue is most accurately described as a female who rhymes with rich.

    The story is told by both Sophie and Faith.  And all is not harmonious in the Fairchild household as some mean girls at school are making life miserable for Faith’s daughter who has been forced to change schools and her husband is thinking about moving to another church.  Faith has a great deal 0n her mind,, but when Sophie calls she immediately boards a plane to Savannah.  Just in the nick of time!

    Together what they discover shocks Sophie and will greatly surprise readers.

    Enjoy a tour of beautiful Savannah, an intriguing mystery, and the wonderful recipes!

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