Tuesday, May 10, 2016

WAR HAWK by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood

    Following on the heels of their blockbuster The Kill Switch (2014) this estimable writing pair again give us much to enjoy and much to ponder.  For this reader the relationship between former Army Ranger Tucker Wayne and his canine partner, Kane, a Belgian Malinois, is a  joy to behold.  I remain amazed by not only Kane’s loyalty to and protection of Tucker but also the dog’s ability to understand and obey 1000 voice and 400 hand commands.  As an animal lover do have to admit that for me Kane is the hero of this story that takes us back to World War II and mathematician Alan Turing who broke the Nazi’s Enigma Code.

    Tucker’s past catches up with him when a clearly terrified former army colleague, Jane Sabatello, comes to him for help.  Her life and that of her young son, Nathan, is endangered by stop-at-nothing assassins.  To protect her Tucker must start at the beginning and try to find out who killed a mutual friend, a brilliant, idealistic young woman.  There is no one he can trust so it seems it is the man and his dog against the world - Tucker must break laws and risk his life from swamps in Alabama to Nuclear test sites to Trinidad and the mountains of Serbia.

    Pruitt Kellerman, a greedy, power hungry media magnate wants total control.  With a fleet of military drones - the most potent drones imaginable he has and will continue to murder anyone who opposes him.   Secret teams unaware that they’re being manipulated by Kellerman use research stolen from Turing to develop drones that not only shower bullets at targets, but hack computer systems and distribute misinformation that can create chaos.         

    What chance do Tucker and Kane have against these enemies?  War Hawk is rife with non-stop excitement and leaves us to ponder what might happen in the future.

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