Sunday, October 16, 2016

ALL THE LITTLE LIARS by Charlaine Harris

    Fans are delighted with Harris’s return to her first mystery series headed by Georgia librarian Aurora Teagarden.  I, too, have missed Aurora and share in her happiness now that she’s married to Robin Crusoe.  Their joy is boundless when they find  they are expecting a baby.  However, as in many a mystery joy is short lived when Phillip, her 15-year-old half-brother disappears.

    Phillip has not had an untroubled past as he came to Aurora after running away from his California home.  But all seems well when he finishes a semester of state sanctioned online instruction and appears to be looking forward to joining his friends Joss and Josh Finstermeyer at the local high school.
    Thus it makes no sense that one afternoon Phillip, the Finstermeyer twins, and 11-year-old Lisa Scott simply disappear.  Parents are frantic, the town is aghast and the police seem to have no clues.  Matters worsen when Joss and Josh’s classmate Clayton also vanishes and Joss’s girlfriend, Tammy Ribble, is found dead.  All of this seems more than anyone can bear.

    Of course, Aurora cannot simply stand by so she puts her life and her job at the library on hold while she and Robin begin their own investigation.  While the worst is feared readers are in for a few surprises.


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