Tuesday, October 18, 2016


    Intense and engrossing The Trespasser by multi award winner Tana French comes to absorbing and sometimes frightening life when given an outstanding reading by Irish actress Hilda Fay.  The streets of Dublin come alive and whispers send shivers.

    Detective Antoinette Conway is unique in many ways - intelligent, intuitive and the sole woman on the Dublin murder squad.  She’s partnered with Steve Moran, and they’re both weary after a long shift when they’re given what seems to be clear cut - domestic violence - Aislinn Murray is found dead in her home after an anonymous tip reports that she fell and hit her head.  Not quite - the fall was caused by a swift punch to her face.  A table had been set for a romantic dinner for two, hence Aislinn’s boyfriend, Rory, seems the prime suspect.  However, he swears it was not him and that seems to be the case.

    Following what clues they have from an encrypted file on Aislinn’s computer to strange behavior from her best friend to hints that there may have been more than one man interesting her the detectives tramp all over London to no avail.  Leads take them nowhere.  At this point Antoinette begins to wonder if someone does not want the case solved.  Is someone in the squad sabotaging their investigation?

    French is such a deft writer that as the story unfolds we are privy to Antoinette’s thoughts and feelings - is she imagining things?  Is she paranoid?  Has she lost the skills that made her an outstanding detective?  A master craftsman at building plots and a wonderful writer French holds us in thrall until the last word.


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